Have you ever wondered about the technology that drives the card payments you probably use daily? Have you ever taken a moment to realize how far we’ve come from cash-only and manual check-processing? Shopping was once a monumental task that actually required pre-planning – from a list to ensure that the trip was worth the effort and ensuring that you had enough money in your wallet or purse to cover the estimated costs. Then the automated payment processing industry was born and everything changed for the better. As Cardflex’s Andrew Phillips will tell you, like Rome, the field of pre-paid cards and payment processing wasn’t built in a day. In fact, it took decades of dedication to roll out successful products used by employers, businesses and private individuals the world over. For those looking to learn more about this entrepreneur, you’ve come to the right place. Be sure to check back often for industry-insider tips from Mr. Phillips as they pertain to the field of payment processing and other pre-paid products.

Long before the launch of Cliq, Andrew Phillips was working in the check authorization and collections business that was part of the payment processing industry. With backing from developers, Mr. Phillips would find a way to turn manual processing into an automated and digitally-assisted process. His company, Integrated Transaction Services (ITS), was so revolutionary at the time that it was one of the first third-party processors in the country to be certified to clear electronic benefit transfer (EBT) and debit card transactions. His accomplishments with this company were so recognized that Mr. Phillips and the ITS team would eventually transform payment-processing at supermarkets across New Mexico and west Texas. With these successes well-documented, his involvement in the industry throughout the 1990s included being hand-picked to revive a struggling company in the same field and being appointed president of one of the largest independent payment processors in the US by that company’s CEO.

Come 2007, Andrew Philips would establish Cardflex. This company would oversee a variety of automated clearing house (ACH) processing, credit and debit card transaction, and prepaid issuing tasks. Innovations that Mr. Phillips oversaw with this company include a web-based platform that delivers real time credit to prepaid products, such as tips to gratuity industry employees, instant cash needed for over the road transport employees,  and of course, cutting edge payment solutions for businesses whether accepting a payment from a customer of paying an employee in the blink of an eye. This is really what Andrew Phillips and Cliq are all about – streamlining things with the assistance of technology. If you’ve ever received a pre-paid gift card, utilized a company expense card or watched as a payment card payment was processed before your eyes, think of Mr. Phillips and the industry he helped establish.